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Get to know Joe and Joe

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe slides his hand into the oven to lift out his steaming pot roast. Ohh..ouchie, ouch, ouch. That is one nasty burn. Not to worry, he lets cold water start soothing the pain. He is delighted to find a full tube of ointment ready for just such a situation. After 3 days his hand is on the mend, but still red, and oh, there it is, evidence of a scar that will help him remember his pot roast. Ointment's ingrediants, bacitracin, polymyxin B. How much of these will remain in Average Joe's body ever increasing his toxin load!
  • Doterra Joe
    Doterra Joe has the same mishap (except he pulled out his rack of Lamb). The cold water sooths his pain. To his delight he gets his CPTG essential oil of Lavender. He applies his oil soothing his pain and warding off infection. After 3 days his hand heals with no signs of scaring! List of ingrediants - Lavender. Doterra Joe's choice was a good one, he added no toxins to his body.

Financial Opportunity

  • dōTERRA Essential Oils

  • While we patiently wait for a rise in the economy we still need to care for our health. Doterra offers an answer to both those issues. Join a team that is about complete wellness!
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  • TerraShield
    Super concentrated insect repellent. TerraShield will provide powerful coverage and lasts up to 6 hours per application. TerraShield can be used safely by everyone in the family!